Talkeetna, Alaska!!

I had fun visiting the tiny town of Talkeetna, Alaska. It is a quirky town with some fun, touristy businesses. If not covered by clouds, it is a great location to view Denali. Unfortunately, today, Denali was completed covered by clouds.

This is a quaint park in the center of town. Notice the motorhome in the background. I arrived early today and was able to find an open parking spot right in the center of town.

This seems to be the closest grocery store and sells all kinds of items, including specialty coffee.

How can you not love a store with moose antlers in the front? I bought a cup of chaga tea from this gentleman. The tea is made from the birch tree. It was ok, but not great. I think next time, I will pass on the birch tree tea and simply buy coffee.

This store was dedicated to making wooden spoons. They also made other nice wood products. It made me wonder how they could pay their rent? I did not think there would be a large demand for left and right handed wooden spoons. No question, they did quality work here!

Talkeetna has an active runway right in town. They are quite famous for having flights to view Mount Denali. I was surprised that I could walk right up and walk on the runway. Notice a plane coming in for landing in the background.

I have been captivated by the rich colors of flowers in Alaska.

I am looking forward to trying some of the salmon products in Alaska!

Talkeetna has some unique businesses. They seem to be a combination of hippie mixed with wild frontier.

Talkeetna has their own brewery in town (Denali Brewing) and I had fun sampling a flight tasting of 6 of their beers.

The winner of the tasting was Denali Lager. I bought a 6-pack to enjoy during the trip. It is fun supporting small, local businesses that are creative in developing new products.