Denali State Park!!

I love to look at Denali!

I left Denali National Park this morning and headed south to the adjacent Denali State Park. The drive was beautiful, and the State Park provides some great views of Mount Denali. Denali is the highest peak in north America and is always covered with snow. The weather was beautiful with clear skies, minimal clouds, and no smoke from the nearby forest fires. This provided a spectacular view of beautiful Denali. All along the drive, cars pull over everywhere and people take photos of this truly beautiful mountain.

This view of Denali from the southern viewpoint in Denali State Park if a great view of this spectacular mountain.

The water, trees, and mountains of Alaska are gorgeous!

This is the view of Denali from the northern viewpoint in Denali State Park. Denali is rising up behind the smaller peaks in front of it.

It is a cause of celebration to see such amazing scenery!!