Fairbanks Tour!

Since I started driving in Canada and Alaska, I have been trying to get a photo of a moose. So far, this hefty fellow is the best I can do. Hopefully, I can photograph a live moose soon!

It was amazing to watch this pontoon boat come in for a smooth landing next to our boat!

After a few minutes, the pilot took off and had a very smooth liftoff!

The tour included hearing from a guy who trains dogs that pull dogsleds! I was impressed with the dog power!

I learned that reindeer are domesticated caribou. These guys are losing some of their fur for summer.

This is a moose hide.

This is a grizzly bear hide.

Since I have been in Alaska, I have noticed that it has rained for a little while each day. This has resulted in very green foliage everywhere and many beautiful flowers. I love the colors in this flower.

This woman was gracious and allowed me to take her photograph. This coat has the modern convenience of a zipper, otherwise it is like a traditional coat worn in Alaska made from different animal furs. The hood is incredibly amazing to me! I think that many layers of fur are needed to survive 60 degrees below zero during winter in Fairbanks.

Although these guys are no longer alive, they demonstrate the fierce intensity when moose fight.

Maybe it is because I have lived so many years in Arizona and Texas, but I have been absolutely captivated by the intensity and variety of green colors in the foliage throughout Alaska. I find myself simply staring at the trees and marveling at the thickness of the forest.

It has been said that “everything is bigger in Texas.” However, Alaska likes to point out that their state is much, much larger than Texas (plus California, plus Montana). Alaska is truly huge!!