After arriving in Fairbanks, my first stop was at the Museum of the North at the University of Alaska.

The Museum of the North was quite impressive! There were excellent displays that discussed the people, animals, and industries in the area. I spent hours going through the exhibits. It was tough for photography because no flash was allowed inside.

This big guy was very impressive to me!

More modern art was also included in the museum.

Artwork of native peoples in Alaska was interesting.

The size of the bison is truly impressive!

The size of the moose and the moose chair amazed me.

The wingspan of this owl was certainly surprising!

Remember the movie and book about the guy who went to Alaska, burned his money, and ended up dying in this bus? It is going to be moved to the Museum of the North.

This is a beautiful scene as I was driving into Alaska. The mountains are so incredibly impressive here!

The mountains in Alaska are amazing!