I Love Chocolate!!

My favorite chocolate!!
These friendly guys greet you at Hershey’s Chocolate World!!
I think it would be awesome to drive the Kissmobile!

I had an incredibly fun day today! I started by driving to Hershey, Pennsylvania to the Hershey’s Chocolate World! Would you believe that I was the very first person to arrive in the parking lot! I had a tour scheduled for 9:00 am, as soon as the doors opened, so I did not want to miss it. I arrived early and walked around the outside of the building. I had a great deal of fun taking pictures with different company products. It was clear to me how successful they have been with their products.

Chocolate kisses are one of my favorite chocolates!

It cannot possible be more wonderful than a Reese’s peanut butter cup!

I really enjoy Hershey’s milk chocolate. I have been to Belgium and eaten Belgium chocolate. It is famous and it is excellent chocolate. I have been to Switzerland and eaten Swiss chocolate. It is fantastic and I love it! I have also been to Germany and eaten German chocolate. It is wonderful and I love their chocolate. However, I have always said that my favorite is Hershey’s milk chocolate. The are all good, but there is something special that I have always loved about Hershey’s milk chocolate. It is my favorite!

Always a popular item!

Jolly Ranchers are a classic item!

It was extra fun going on a tour of Hershey’s chocolate and looking in their shop at all the different products for sale. Samples were not available, but it was wonderful to see all the chocolate items available!

Chocolatetown is a memorable place to visit!

These guys never stop smiling!

After purchasing Hershey’s products, I drove 27 miles to Wilbur Chocolate in Lititz, Pennsylvania. I met several people at the local Elks lodge, and they were quite confident that Wilbur chocolate was superior to Hershey’s chocolate. I had never heard of Wilbur chocolate, so I received a helpful education about the company. The people I was talking with thought that Hershey’s chocolate was fantastic and that it was a huge, successful company. However, they thought that Wilbur was the better quality chocolate. Their website is:


Yeah for Wilbur Chocolate!

For very good reason, Wilbur Chocolate is a highly regarded name by the locals. They make wonderful chocolate!!

My understanding is the Wilbur chocolate buds (sort of like a flat Hershey’s chocolate kiss) are one of the items they are most know for. Wilbur buds existed before Hershey’s kisses were created. Also, their chocolate covered malt balls are supposed to be fantastic. I looked at many of the products available and felt like I needed to buy several of the items to try them out. Their milk chocolate and peanut butter cup was absolutely outstanding! I also talked with Wilbur chocolate about how to ship delicate chocolate to hot climates like the deserts of Arizona. My taste buds loved the opportunity to enjoy various chocolate delicacies today!

Wilbur chocolate is outstanding!!

I can personally testify that Wilbur milk chocolate covered malted milk balls are outstanding!