Gettysburg National Military Park!

This is an historic treasure! I highly recommend a visit to anyone!

Abe and I became great friends on this visit!

Wow! It was amazing to see the Gettysburg National Military Park. I had heard from several people how powerful it was to go through the exhibits and visit the battlefields. I bought a ticket to do everything. I watched the movie, viewed the circular painting of the battle, and went on the bus tour with a guide reviewing the three day battle.

Everywhere you turn there are monuments.
This is our guide showing us the pivotal battle on the third day that was key for the union to win.

My tour guide spent 30 years in the army special forces, so he especially enjoyed telling us about the respective army strategies and high terrain and it implications. I spent more than 7 hours going through everything and I think I only touched the surface of what is there.

The Union had the high ground and that was very important!
Some of the sculptures were quite impressive.

I highly recommend a visit!!

President Lincoln showed tremendous leadership!
Although a brief speech, it is incredibly powerful and famous!!