Precious Friends!!

I loved spending time with Sally, George, and Sally!!

While in Denver I was able to meet with some very dear friends!! During my growing up years I spent wonderful times with a very special family. Miles and I were very close and his whole family had a major impact on my life. Sally was basically like a second mother to me. George took us on all kinds of outings, and I learned about tying knots, camping, hiking, and loving the outdoors. My ski bindings were specifically recommended by George. Robin was involved in many family activities. I cannot begin to list all the things I learned from them.

They now live in the Denver area, and it was an incredible blessing to spend the afternoon visiting with George and Sally. We talked about how wonderful it was to grow up in Flagstaff. It was fantastic to have Robin join us for dinner too. The last time I had seen Robin was at our wedding 41 years ago!

Time moves on, but special friendships last forever! I will always cherish the special friendships with Sally, George, and Robin. I look forward to seeing Miles in the future too.