Garden of the Gods!!

I loved all the unique rock formations!

I had a wonderful time visiting the Garden of the Gods today. It rained during the night and there were low clouds in the early morning, so I thought it might be a fun time to photograph the unique rock formations. I loved walking through the paths! I think it is one of the most famous attractions in Colorado Springs!

The low clouds and sunshine were beautiful!
These are the kissing camels!
I loved the contrast of the softness of the clouds and the ruggedness of the rocks!
Beautiful scenes!
Rough contrast on the rocks with the low sunrise!
Interesting rocks!
Fun clouds!
The beautiful views with Pikes Peak in the background!
The rain brought out the green vegetation.
The rocks were sharp and awesome to study!
I had to celebrate being in such a wonderful place!
The clouds were beautiful!
The soft lighting was so nice as the sun started to come up.
It was nice to watch deer calmly eating in such a beautiful area!
I loved visiting Garden of the Gods!!