Harness Racing – Pennsylvania Style!


The racing harness sure does not look very large to be flying around the racetrack with some fast and powerful horses!!


It is amazing to watch how the horses trot. This horse is completely in the air as they fly around the track!

For years, I have seen harness racing on TV. It always looked cute seeing people racing in buggies. Well, I had my eyes opened today. I visited the Meadows in Washington, Pennsylvania (a little south of Pittsburgh)! They have harness racing along with a race track for harness racing.


Before the race begins, they go all over the course getting warmed up.


Tough competition as the start into the final stretch!


Crossing the finish line!

Those cute little buggies really move fast! The horses may be trotting, but they really fly!


The horses leg movements are interesting as they fun full speed!


Zooming across the finish line!!

I am not really a betting person, but I absolutely loved seeing harness races live and in person.


It is interesting because this truck drives down the track and puts out arms that the horses run up against. Once all the horses are there, the race begins and the truck speeds ahead of the horses.


Help! The lead jockey seems concerned that the second horse is getting too close!!

Because of the covid 19 pandemic, people were not able to stand next to the race track, but there were plenty of empty seats outside in the stands. It was a bit challenging to take photos of the harness races with my phone, but it was fun to try. Because fewer people were there, you could hear the jockeys yelling as they horses were coming to the finish line.