Late Night Trailhead – Las Vegas


One the road toward Blue Diamond is a superb network of trails!!


This sculpture notes the beginning of the trailhead.


The views of the cactus and gorgeous mountains are spectacular!!


The trails are well marked and fun to ride!!

A good friend told me about some excellent mountain bike trails outside of Las Vegas. I had a wonderful time riding on these trails and enjoying different type of cactus from Phoenix and Tucson as well as the incredible colors in the mountains! The ride was fun and I thoroughly enjoyed myself! Well, maybe not riding up out of the town of Blue Diamond! It was steep riding out of Blue Diamond and I almost melted into a grease spot on the trail while I was pedaling uphill!


I enjoyed seeing different types of cactus from what I am familiar with in Tucson and Phoenix!


The mountain views are incredible. I loved the rich colors!


I loved the contrasts in texture and colors all around me as I was riding!


It was a beautiful day! No clouds in the sky, a high temperature in the low 70s, gorgeous views, and nice trails!!


I loved the colors in the mountains!

The colors of the rocks and the intensity of the cactus was amazing! I kept seeing amazing sites over and over. I loved this network of trails! Some people rode horses, some people hiked, but most people were riding mountain bikes. I loved riding here!!


The trails just kept going for miles. Someone put great effort into making such a nice network of trails!!


This is the famous Red Rock Canyon outside of Las Vegas! The colors are spectacular!! A wedding had just finished when I arrived where this view was the backdrop for the wedding ceremony!