Las Vegas Highland Games!


It was fun to see so many people dressed up for the Celtic Festival!! They enjoyed my asking to have my photo taken with them.


I absolutely love listening to the bagpipes and the drums!! It is such beautiful music!


I have absolutely no idea who this group is, but I watched them having their picture taken under the Celtic Society banner. I asked if I could have my picture taken with them and they enthusiastically agreed!! What a great group of people!!

Sometimes when traveling you discover fun, unexpected pleasures. Today, this happened to me as I discovered that the Las Vegas Highland Games were going on. I have been to other Celtic Festivals in Tucson and Phoenix and loved them!


There was a booth dedicated to Diana Gabaldon and the Outlander series!! They were quite excited when I told them i grew up in Flagstaff and had read all of her books!


This was a wonderful group of people!


It was nice to see so many different people dress up for the Celtic Festival!


It was very nice listening to the bands!!

For me, one of my favorites in a Celtic festival of the bagpipes and the drums! I cannot get enough of listening to live bands play the bagpipes and the drums. The beat resonates inside me and I find myself captivated watching them play. It is fun when bands from different areas are together in one festival. I loved it!


It was impressive to hear the different bands play!!


These guys had a wonderful time posing for photos! I asked a woman from the UK to take the photos and she was roaring with laughter!!

It was also fun to see people dressed up for the Highland Games! I asked several people if I could have my photo taken with them. It was fun for them to be acknowledged for their colorful outfit and fun for me to be with them!


This was a fun group! I listed to some of their induction ceremony!

Everyone was having fun! I enjoyed seeing new people, listening to the music, and seeing people dressed in Celtic outfits!