Louisville Slugger and Evan Williams


I loved seeing all the baseball bats! This bat outside was HUGE!!

In the midst of a big rainstorm, I drove to the Louisville Slugger baseball factory! I am not a huge baseball fan, but it was fun to see such a famous and favorite American item. Many, many famous baseball players have used Louisville Slugger baseball bats. All kinds of bats were available for purchase. I discovered a special treat that they would make bats with specific inscriptions. I bought each of my grandsons a small baseball bat with their names and birthdates!


Evan Williams had very high quality whiskey!

After buying the baseball bats, I walked down to the Evan Williams distillery store. I was able to join two other people in having a taste test of various Evan Williams products. I especially like tasting whiskeys that are not commonly available. I especially liked the Single Barrel vintage flavor of the Evan Williams, so I bought a bottle.


This was not the most expensive Evan Williams whiskey I tasted, but I thought it was the best flavor!