Woodford Reserve and Four Roses Distilleries




Woodford Reserve is a very famous distillery and I needed to drive near Lexington to reach it. The windy, narrow, country roads were surprising. However, I thoroughly enjoyed driving through horse farms to reach the distillery.


I looked through the gift shop and purchased a 30ml taste of straight (“neat”) malt whiskey. It was very flavorful and I enjoyed sipping on it as I walked through their visitor area. The grounds of Woodford Reserve are gorgeous!



This is a map of some of the most well-known distilleries on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail! I quickly gave up all hope of visiting all of them! There are too many to sample!

I next drove to Four Roses Distillery. This distillery is now owned by the Japanese company Kirin. From my time in Japan, I remember that whiskey is very popular there. I enjoyed seeing some of the products in the gift shop. I also bought a taste of their 3 products. I think these products are going to be quite popular as I enjoyed them very much. I think I liked their “small batch” product the best.


A much smaller distillery, but they had great products!


Small Batch was my favorite product!


This is an old prescription prescribing Four Roses!