2nd Trip to South Padre Island!

South Padre Island-8

I am holding a puffer-fish!!

Today was exceptionally wonderful. Charlene planned a full day of activities at South Padre Island. We started the day at a turtle rescue facility. It was amazing to see all the turtles! Some were missing flippers from previous trauma.


South Padre Island-3

A previous Arizona Wildcat fan was given the honor of painting one of the turtle decorations at the Turtle Rescue.

South Padre Island-1

We enjoyed meeting this friendly turtle who was missing a flipper.

South Padre Island-2

When then went on a dolphin cruise in the bay and say beautiful sites around South Padre Island. It was fun to see the seagulls flying around our boat. The crew placed a net behind the boat to collect different creatures. This highlights were a sea anemone, a puffer fish, and a sting-ray.


South Padre Island-6

The crew showed us the big tooth in the front of the puffer-fish!

South Padre Island-5

Charlene was able to touch the sea anemone!


South Padre Island-7

Look at the HUGE stinger on the sting-ray!

After seeing the creatures from the net, we went near the entrance to the bay and watched several groups of dolphins!

South Padre Island-10

We loved the opportunity to watch dolphins in the bay from our boat!


South Padre Island-4

There were many seagulls flying around our boat!

South Padre Island-9

The wind was fairly strong and stirred up some big waves along the beach!