South Padre Island, Texas

South Padre Beach 2

Beautiful South Padre Island!

Silly me, but I keep forgetting that Texas has beaches. With all the places I have visited in Texas for year and years, I have never seen a beach. However, there is beautiful South Padre Island in the Rio Grande Valley. We love it now, but it is probably a good place to avoid when nearby universities are on Spring Break.

South Padre Beach

It has been years since Charlene and I were able to walk along a beach together. It may be winter and cold in many places, but it is beautiful beach weather in South Padre Island! The water was too cold for swimming, but it was fantastic to walk along the water!

horses on the beach

At one point, we saw some people riding horses along the beach. Horses are common in Texas, but this is the first time I have ever seen horses on a beach!

Charlene South Padre Island beach

Charlene discovered crabs in the sand. She touched one 3 inch crab burrowing in the sand and he came up with one claw raised to challenge her! We saw several small crabs running quickly along the sand.