Places to Date

A great start to see many wonderful places!

A great start to seeing many wonderful places!

I am a member of a RV social website called RVillage ( It is a way to connect with other RVers of similar interests by joining various groups. It also provides a way to connect with people when you move to a new campground or RV park. I have been entering various places as I have traveled and just discovered that it has been maintaining a map with all the places I have entered. I think it is very amazing to see all the places I have stayed in our motorhome. This includes our trip through New Mexico, Colorado, and Texas last summer. I would say this is a superb start to seeing some amazing places around the US. Obviously, there are many more places to visit.

I have loved being in Amarillo seeing Charlene, Amy, and Neil. Charlene and I had lunch today at a fantastic hamburger restaurant. I love trying new independent restaurants that are popular to locals in a community. The food is always so yummy!

I fly to California this week to give some lectures and then I will start a slow trip up to Iowa for an appointment at the Winnebago factory. I think I might go through Oklahoma, part of Arkansas, all the way through Missouri, and then into Iowa. I reserve the option to change the route multiple times since I am in no hurry. I would like to visit Branson, Missouri since so many people have talked about all the nice shows they have. It sounds very fun to me! Stay tuned! The travels will resume shortly!