Head South!

The RV lifestyle is supposed to be relaxed, with slow, periodic travel between destinations. Overall, I have tried to follow that guideline. However, I miss Charlene, so I am heading south for Texas. I am learning to enjoy staying in Walmart parking lots. It is fun to see all the different types of rigs and people that share a stay at Walmart.

Kem and I laughed at all the people that were staying at the Walmart in Laramie. He was not at all surprised that I stayed there because he knew how full their parking lot was with different rigs. After a great sleep, I got up early and headed east. I went through the last pass of the Rocky Mountains (thankfully) as I headed east of Laramie. I was very happy to have passed through the Cascades and Rocky Mountains. I am also very happy that I crossed these ranges through Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming rather than going through Utah and Colorado. The path I followed was generally not too steep and curvy. I had my share of steep turns, but I think it was easier than going through Colorado. I did that with a 5th wheel trailer years ago and I am very grateful to have found an easier (i.e., safer) route through Montana and Wyoming. It is also nice to see new territory.

I could have gone south into eastern Colorado from Laramie or Cheyenne, but I liked the idea of seeing western Nebraska and Kansas since I had previously been through I-25 in Colorado. Seeing new scenery is one of my goals of traveling in our motorhome. So, I decided to drive a longer route and go through Nebraska and Kansas. I am glad I did as it was nice to see all the rolling hills and crops growing in Nebraska and Kansas. Many of the roads were two lane roads, so that provided its own adventures, especially when a wide load truck was coming in the other direction! I am pleased to say that my motorhome mirrors never touched the mirrors of these big wide loads!  A couple of times it might have been close, but everything went quite well. The most exciting aspect was the intense rain storms as I drove through Nebraska and Kansas. The poor Jeep was covered in brown slime from the motorhome and other vehicles on the two lane roads.

I pulled into the Walmart parking lot in McCook, Nebraska and was planning to spend the night. However, it was sort of hot, so I did not want to just sit around in the parking lot waiting several hours to go to sleep. I started looking at the map and my phone applications that stated which Walmarts allowed overnight parking. I decided to drive 3 more hours to Garden City, Kansas to find another Walmart and be that much closer to Amarillo. Garden City seemed like a nice community. I wish I could have spent more time there, but instead I got up early to hit the road. It is very nice to have a large generator and a full tank of fresh water to have a nice warm shower and power to recharge my phone and laptop. There were fewer RVs in Garden City and half a dozen semi-trucks spending the night at Walmart. The empty trucks that carried cattle were quite fragrant. The driver next to me in one of those trucks had his daughter that was no more than 6 years old with him. She seemed to be having a fun time with her Dad.

After passing through a narrow slice of Oklahoma, I went through many small road in Texas, weaving my way to Amarillo. I went down into one overpass that was only 13 feet 10 inches tall. I was so grateful that we had our motorhome weighed and measured at the Escapade last March. Our rig is 12 feet 10 inches tall, so I held my breath, and went forward under the overpass. Yeah! I made it through and did not scrape off the air conditioners on the top of our rig! I was very grateful that Charlene had made a sticker listing our rig’s height and weight and put it right on the middle of our dashboard. I looked at her sticker and decided to go forward. I am glad I did as there were no problems at all.

I cruised into Amarillo and found the Elks lodge. The two women I met in Hoquiam, Washington told me they really liked the Amarillo lodge. Although they do not have a dump or sewer connection, they do have 50 amp electrical connections and a swimming pool. This should be a nice place to enjoy Amarillo! I was close to the Canadian border in Glacier National Park just last week and now I am in the middle of the US in Texas. That map covers a large number of miles in a short duration of time. It is not the typical way to enjoy seeing the US in a RV, but it is worth it to spend time with Charlene, Amy, and Neil. I am glad I am I am now in Amarillo!

On the map page I added the path I have driven over the past few days. This is a huge number of miles in a short time!

Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas drive map