Bikes, Blossoms, and Bees

bike ride

Charlene found a large bike path in Bakersfield, so we decided to make that our big activity today. We were going to start at one end of the path, but had trouble finding it, so we headed into town and started at a community park. It was beautiful and very smooth and level. We stopped several times along the way to see various sites. We rode about 10 miles round trip.

valencia oranges

We could not get enough of the local fruits, vegetables, and jams. After our bike ride, we stopped at two different family farm vendors. Ed loved the taste of the sweet Valencia Oranges, so we bought a 10 pound bag of oranges!


We were also amazed at the size of the Pummelo grapefruit!

Chocolate covered bacon soda - no thanks!

Chocolate covered bacon soda – no thanks!

However, Charlene found a chocolate covered bacon soda that did not seem too nice. We decided not to try it.

Local redness and swelling from bee sting

Local redness and swelling from bee sting

We also learned the downside of staying in an orange grove beginning to blossom. The blossoms attract bees and sometimes the bees get scared from rapid movement. A bee landed on Ed’s arm and when he moved, he was stung. There is no shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, but locally there is plenty of redness, swelling, and itching. Charlene was able to pull out the stinger with tweezers. After being stung by the bee, we made sure to buy some honey.