On to Bakersfield!

We used to live on Orange Grove Road, now we are staying in an actual orange grove!

We used to live on Orange Grove Road, now we are staying in an actual orange grove!

We left Barstow and headed west toward Bakersfield. Ed had a conference call at 11:00 am and originally we had hoped to be in Bakersfield before the call. However, we did not make it all the way to Bakersfield, so we pulled into a family-owned farm store pullout. Ed set up his laptop for the call and Charlene went into the store to buy some yummy strawberries, oranges, and fresh cherry and strawberry turnovers.

After the conference call was over, we headed into Bakersfield and pulled into our RV park that was built right in the middle of an orange grove! With the trees beginning to blossom, it smelled fantastic! The sites were nice and wide and long, so we had quite a bit of room all around us.

There are orange groves all around the RV park and a vineyard right across the road. It is sort of strange, but there are also oil rigs interspersed between the orchards. This is a very fertile area of the country and it is apparent that almost everything grows very well here.

Right next to the grove behind us is a shop that specializes in selling oranges, dates, and nuts. Charlene bought all kinds of things in their store including avocados, apple butter, several kinds of dried fruit including kiwi, and dates. They also gave us some navel oranges for free because the manager said Charlene looked just like the manager’s sister.

When we got back to the motorhome, Ed headed out on his bike to explore the area and get some exercise. Charlene started planning places to visit nearby. Stay tuned to see what she comes up with!