Kolob Canyons


Today we drove back to Interstate 15 and north to Kolob Canyons. This is a second section of Zion National Park that is only 19 miles from Cedar City, Utah. Neither of us had been to this section of Zion. It is noted for its high red-orange cliffs. It is not as large as the main section of Zion, but the red rocks are especially beautiful. There were significantly fewer people here, so it was very peaceful and majestic.



We had a picnic lunch in the Jeep while we admired the setting. We drove the scenic drive and kept pulling into the pull-offs to enjoy the light changing on the cliffs. After we finished the scenic drive, we drove up to Cedar City. We went into the Ace Hardware to buy some zip-ties. Charlene noted on their sign outside that not only did they have hardware, but they also sold sporting goods. We thought it was especially unique that they sold handguns at the Ace Hardware and that they had a gun of the week special advertised on their sign. Unique.