Muskox Farm!!

I visited a muskox research facility while in Fairbanks and found it very interesting. When I learned there was a muskox farm in Palmer, I added it to my list of things to see. These are interesting creatures. They seem to literally enjoy butting heads. Both males and females, but especially the males. The farm has metal poles covered with old tires to give the muskox other things to butt into besides each other. The muskox farm trims their horns a bit so that they are less likely to injure each other.

These are the 3 sisters because they like to spend time together.

Their horns are tough and this is how they butt into each other.

The horns of the females are not as thick as the males.

She is a bit hidden in the grass, but this is a baby female muskox. She does not have any horns at this time.

This girl is not super friendly. Our group had to carefully walk by and not antagonize her. She was giving me “the eye” when I took her picture.

This one is younger and does not have fully developed horns. The muskox farm tends to separate the animals roughly by age and sex.

This huge male muskox liked to mostly live separately from the other males and he was not too excited about being moved to a new pasture.

I continue to be amazed by the rick colors of the flowers in Alaska. These were growing at the muskox farm.