Drive to Homer, Alaska!!

Today was a cloudy day that revealed some mystery in Alaska. I loved the bright sunny days to see Denali in its full glory. Today was a contrast of cloudiness covering much of the mountains. This photo was taken from the drive down to Homer. I pulled off the road and marveled at this active volcano (last erupted in 2009) within the Lake Clark National Park. I would have preferred a sunny day, but there was intrigue in the midst of the cloudiness.

I pivoted a bit and loved seeing the sun trying to peek through the clouds with the mountains largely hidden in darkness.

A little farther down the road, the volcano was a little more visible and was an interesting contrast with a home owners boat. How would you like to live here and see that gorgeous scene out of your back window!

I kept hoping for the sun to break through and shine on the mountain and make my eyes pop. However, in Alaska fashion, the clouds stubbornly kept the mountain mostly dark.

Zooming in a bit still shows the mountain largely hidden by cloudiness.

Farther west reveals another mountain across the Cook Inlet also mostly covered in clouds. I hope soon to see these mountains bathed in sunshine.