Grizzly Bear!!

This is my first grizzly bear sighting in Denali National Park. He is a bit small despite using my 300 mm telephoto lens. There is a balance, you want to be close enough to take a reasonable photo, but far enough away so that he does not attack you. There were no fences between this bear and me!

I liked the reflection of the water flowing down from the melting snow and glaciers.

I went on a hike today and this sign was at the beginning of the trail. Reading this certainly causes you to pause and reflect on the balance of seeing beautiful scenery and wildlife with the risk of being attacked by a bear. I was by myself, but certainly had my bear spray immediately available!

This fellow was fun to watch as he zoomed around the ground.

I loved the bright color of flowers!

I loved the color of these blue bells!

These colors were so vibrant!

I liked watching the light break through the clouds to isolate one section of the mountain range.

The simplicity and richness of the flowers in Denali is beautiful!

This bird was splashing around in the water and did not mind me walking up to him to take his photo.

It looked ominous as the clouds started building up over the mountain range.

This caribou found relief simply standing on the patch of snow to cool down a bit.