Denali National Park!!

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to visit Denali National Park! It is spectacular!

Since I started driving through Canada and Alaska, I have been trying to catch a photo of a moose. This special lady was enjoying breakfast near my campsite and decided to come out of the shadows and eat some leaves in the sunshine. Finally, I found a moose I could photograph!!

After a few minutes, she moved so her whole body was in the sunshine.

She was having a great time eating breakfast, but right after this photo was taken, she ran back into the forest.

I later went on a hike and was captivated by the flowers along the trail.

These dainty purple flowers were pretty!

I loved the symmetry with these white flowers. Everything is so green in Alaska.

I love all the rich colors in the flowers!

Later on the hike I crossed a walking bridge over a beautiful stream.

Water a lush greenery is a beautiful theme in Alaska!!