Great Falls, Montana!!

Explorers Lewis and Clark had an extremely difficult portage around a series of 5 falls near Great Falls, Montana.

I had a wonderful trip from Idaho up to Great Falls, Montana. It was very rural and very beautiful. I drove through a green valley for much of the day and then later weaved through mountains and then ended the day at the Missouri River in Great Falls, Montana. I crossed the continental divide 3 times during my drive today. 

When I arrived in Great Falls, I first went to the visitor center to eat lunch and learn about the area. It was suggested that I visit the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center. I had no idea that Lewis and Clark crossed through this area. The explorers ran into a series of 5 rapids on the Missouri River around the current location of Great Falls, Montana. It turned into a huge hardship to portage on land around the series of falls and took much longer time and effort than originally anticipated. This difficult portage around the Missouri River made Great Falls quite well known in history about the difficulties Lewis and Clark experienced.

The Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center was quite impressive! It was fascinating to learn about the Lewis and Clark expedition!

This photo of the Missouri River makes it look calm and easy to navigate; however, it is a powerful body of water and the series of 5 waterfalls is near this location.

I liked this statue of the dinosaur looking out over Great Falls and the Missouri River in the distance.

I really liked this artwork of the bison. I loved all the colors!