Finger Lakes Region of New York State (Canandaigua, New York)!

One of the highlights of this RV trip was to visit with extremely special friends Betty and Jim. I spent two winters with them when RVing in the Phoenix area several years ago. It was wonderful to see them and enjoy lunch together!

Now I know when so many people speak favorably about going to “up state New York.” It is an extremely beautiful area. It has a nice combination of rural areas and nearby major cities. I loved driving through the Adirondacks and seeing the finger lakes region. It would be very easy to spend the summer in such a nice location!

I love shopping in farm to market businesses! Great food and it is nice to talk to people growing the products.
I love blueberries on my morning oatmeal!
It is a rare treat for me to enjoy black raspberries!
The Canandaigua Lady provides cruises around Canandaigua Lake, one of the finger lakes.
I love to visit microbreweries and sample some of their products. They had several berry flavored beers that would quite good! Berlinerweiss was my favorite beer at Twisted Rail Brewing Company in Canandaigua.
I enjoy all the colorful flowers growing in the area.
Here is my nice camp site, complete with the pond and fountain providing soothing water sounds.