Kentucky Whiskey Decisions!


I really like Kentucky!

I love visiting Kentucky. I love the beautiful countryside. I love all the horses. I love all the different distilleries. I love the Louisville Slugger baseball factory. There are so many great things about the state


This was the consensus recommendation as a top Kentucky whiskey. I especially loved the bottle with the Kentucky Derby.

After visiting Scotland, Ireland, and a previous visit to Kentucky, I have gained an appreciation for enjoying nice whiskey. In the Louisville area, there are many, many, many different distilleries. Some famous (e.g., Jim Bean, Maker’s Mark) and others are much smaller (e.g., Four Roses and many others).


A highly regarded Kentucky whiskey (note the different spelling).

After arriving in Louisville, I looked for a local liquor store to learn more about different distilleries. It is a very difficult choice to select what to buy. I talked with the employees as well as other customers. The consensus was that Woodford Reserve was one of the top products among many highly regarded options. I wanted to buy something unique to Kentucky, so I bought a bottle with thoroughbreds racing on the label.


I have never heard of 57.5% alcohol. Probably too rich for my taste. I passed buying this bottle.

Old Forester certainly had its fans too. One customer kept encouraging me to buy the “Prohibition Style” bottle of Old Forester. It is 57.5% alcohol!!  In contrast, the “Original Batch”  version of whiskey is 45% alcohol. I decided to try a small bottle of this too. More things to see and do…