Apache Wash!

Apache Wash-5

I absolutely love riding my mountain bike on the Apache Trail! It is so much fun!!

Apache Wash-1

The Phoenix Sonoran Preserve is spectacular!

Apache Wash-2

Spring time in the desert is so beautiful!!

I have been in Phoenix for the past week and have been loving the spring weather. For the past six days I have driven to the Phoenix Sonoran Preserve and ridden my mountain bike on the Apache trail. It is a wonderful series of trails that are excellent for beginner and intermediate riders. I have loved riding on these trails! Many people hike, ride horses, or ride mountain bikes.

Apache Wash-3

I had so much fun stopping to see so many different cacti!

Apache Wash-4

The saguaro cacti are so magnificent!!

Apache Wash-6

The yellow flowers, green plants, and blue sky were amazing!!

The weather has been spectacular this week and the desert plants are starting to bloom. I have really enjoyed riding along between all the cacti and the spring flowers.

Apache Wash-7

It is absolutely amazing to see the number of arms this saguaro has!!

Apache Wash-8

I love riding along such nice trails!!

Apache Wash-9

This is the saguaro where I hit the cactus arm with my handlebars and caused me to wipeout!! I am glad I wear gloves when I ride!

One saguaro cactus is large and has an arm that has grown into the edge of the trail. Usually I have no problem avoiding the rocks and riding next to the cactus. However, two days ago, I rode a little too close to the cactus arm and my handlebars hit the cactus! It was like hitting a steel bar. There was absolutely no give at all to the cactus. Needless to say, my handlebars turned and I wiped out hands first in the dirt! I am glad I wear gloves when ridding! I only slightly hurt my hand and my bike was fine. When I looked closer at the cactus arm, I could see that I was not the only person that had hit the sneaky cactus arm!

Apache Wash-10

This saguaro is growing in all sorts of different directions!

Apache Wash-11

I absolutely love all the colors of the blooming desert!

Apache Wash-12

There are blooming flowers farther than my eyes could see!

I am sad that this is the last time to ride the Apache trail. Now I need to move the motorhome to get have the yearly oil change and other maintenance items checked. After that, I continue my route west on interstate 10.

Apache Wash-14

I really have to “gear down” my bike to make it up this hill!! My heart is beating fast by the time I get to the top!!

Apache Wash-15

The scenary is spectacular all along the Apache trail!!

Apache Wash-13

I love riding my mountain bike through the blooming desert!