West Memphis, Arkansas!


I loved this RV park located right along the Mississippi River!


The RVs can park quite close to the water and benches are available to watch the boats and barges go up and down the river!

Today was a big driving day! I got up early, hooked up the Jeep to the motorhome and headed south from Louisville. I drove through Bowling Green, Kentucky and then entered Tennessee. When I went through Nashville at the end of rush hour so the freeways were a little wild. I kept going southwest and went through Memphis and crossed the Mississippi River. I found a RV park just inside Arkansas that was right on the Mississippi River.


It was very peaceful to spend time on the benches. One couple brought a guitar and played songs while watching the river.

I think it must flood periodically in this RV park because it is flat and right next to the river. There was a laundry room built as two stories and the washers and dryers were on the second floor. A sign on the outside should the water level with the flood in May 2011.


Believe it or not, but this is the laundry room!! The washers and driers are placed on the second floor to protect them from flooding! It was shocking to see how high the water was with the flood in May 2011!!

I rode my bike all around the RV park and then discovered there was trail on the top of the levee. I had a wonderful time riding along the top of the levee for several miles. The humidity must have been close to 100% because it was so humid! My t-shirt was completely soaked in no time!


I had a wonderful time riding my bike along the top of the levee! I tremendous amount of work must have gone into making this huge levee for miles and miles! It was wonderful to pedal and pedal and take in the countryside! I love riding my bike!