Jim Beam Distillery


Jim Beam had the best gift shop of any distillery!


I had a surprisingly sentimental visit to the Jim Beam Distillery. This was the drink my Dad preferred. Seeing all the Jim Beam logos and products made me miss my parents and think about sitting in the backyard in Flagstaff as I was growing up and Dad you open up a bottle of Jim Beam. Special memories.


There were a large number of fun products and clothing in the gift shop!


Jim Beam had a broad range of products!

I was surprised at the number of Jim Beam products that have been developed. I asked several people in the gift shop which product they preferred, and everyone game me a different answer. I guess it is good they have expanded product development. The Double Oak product seems to be quite popular.


After visiting Jim Beam, I drove to a much smaller distillery called Boundary Oak. What was interesting about this distillery is that they worked with the Patton Museum and developed the whiskey that Patton put together and made famous.




This was the product created using Patton’s recipe.