President George W. Bush Childhood Home!


We really enjoyed our tour of President George W Bush’s childhood home!


Very nice community!

We had a nice day trip to Midland, Texas and had the opportunity to visit the childhood home of President George W. Bush. It was quite interesting to see. The house has been refurbished and is unique as it is the only house in the United States that has been the home of two presidents, two governors, and one first lady. A very amazing history indeed!


Amazing history here! The only home in the US for two presidents, two governors, and a first lady. Truly amazing history!


This is President George W Bush’s bedroom!


The classic black telephone!

It was fun to see George W. Bush’s room while growing up, the type of old telephone, and various items in the kitchen. It was also interesting to learn that President H.W. Bush was an excellent baseball player for Yale.


There was no shower (not uncommon in those days) in the only bathroom.

We had fun having our picture taken with the cut-out of President Bush.