Flagstaff, Arizona


I absolutely love the combination plates at La Fonda! It has always been my favorite restaurant in Flagstaff.

I love visiting Flagstaff! Normally cool, the high temperatures were in the 90s, while it was 115 to 119 in Phoenix! However, it still cooled down very nicely in the evening!

My favorite restaurant in Flagstaff is La Fonda. I absolutely love their combination plates. Yummy!



I miss my Mom. She truly was a fantastic wife, mother, and friend!


I miss talking with my father. I admired all of his common sense.

It always touches my heart to go to the Flagstaff cemetery and visit my parents’ graves. It is a time for reflection, thinking about the future, and being thankful for such wonderful memories of my parents. I know my parents would be so proud of Amy and John and the lives they have built!


I had fun visiting my old elementary school! I loved attending this school!

I had a chance to visit my old elementary school! I really enjoyed Sechrist School and still have fantastic memories of my teachers and classmates. I was quite fortunate to attend such an excellent school.


Finding the Flagstaff Folk Festival was an unexpected surprise. I loved all the guitars!

A special treat was attending the Flagstaff Folk Festival! There were four venues going with different groups playing for about 30 minutes each. I moved around between the different groups and heard all kinds of instruments and many different singers. It was wonderful. It started raining during the afternoon. It was fantastic to listen to people playing their guitars, with the sound of the rain on the roof and the wonderful smell of the rain coming in through the door. It was a fantastic time!


The Secret Handshake was the name of this group. They were fantastic and everyone loved listening to them play and sing!

The group Secret Handshake was my favorite. They play weekly in Flagstaff and seem to have quite a following. I loved their music.