Hereford, Texas


I have always loved the colors of the thistles!


Horses are beautiful creatures!

I went on a nice drive from Canyon, Texas west through Hereford and on to Clovis, New Mexico. It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed seeing all the ranches, cattle, and agriculture fields. Some communities seemed to be thriving and others seems a little bleak.


These two trains going in opposite directions were VERY LOUD and the ground was shaking as they roared through town!

I stopped several times along the route to take some photos. One of my favorite stops was to enjoy the thistles in bloom and the horses grazing in the fields.


Although I saw quite a few cattle, I did not know that Hereford, Texas was the beef capital of the world!


For Memorial Day weekend, the flags looked very colorful and nice!

I was impressed with the power and sound of the trains going through towns. Two trains were passing each other during the photo of me and it was LOUD!


The trains move quickly through town!