RV Park with a Steak House


Wonderful steak! I need to come back here again!

Since we have had our motorhome, I have stayed at all kinds of campgrounds and RV parks around the US. However, today is the very first time when I stayed at a RV park with a steak house. The food was fantastic! I ordered my favorite cut of beef, fillet mignon cooked medium rare. It melted in my mouth. The restaurant had a range of beers, including quite a few local microbrewery beers. Keeping with my desire for trying new things, I order microbrewery beer that I have never heard of before. It was sort of a pale ale and I enjoyed it immensely. A unique feature with the restaurant was that a woman played the piano and the different waiters and waitresses took turns singing songs. My waitress was quite talented. We talked a bit and she told me she was born in Saudi Arabia. We compared cities we had visited in Saudi Arabia. The meal was great and I have enough leftovers for lunch!