Fantastic Mexican Food!


We stopped in Wichita Falls, Texas yesterday for lunch. One of the most wonderful aspects about traveling is getting to try new places to eat. Our typical criteria is to find an independent restaurant that is highly rated on an Internet website. We first found a barbecue place that we thought we would try, but they did not take credit cards. Too bad for them as they lost our business. We next found a Mexican restaurant that was highly recommended.


The restaurant did not look super fantastic from the outside, but we knew we had found a wonderful place because there were many people inside with Spanish as their primary language and a table filled with local police. We figured if those two groups came to this restaurant, we knew we had stumbled upon a great spot. We were not disappointed.


The food was not the typical Sonoran Mexican food we loved in Arizona, but it was fantastic. Charlene and I both ordered pork burros in red sauce. The restaurant also had a wonderful salsa served with homemade chips. Soooo good!