Down and Dirty!!


We were very excited to start driving from Matt and Melissa’s cabin in a nice clean Razr!


Matt and I were excited to pick them up!

Today we rented two Polaris Razrs and had the time of our lives driving through the Kaibab National Forest. The Razr is easy to steer, does not require gear shifting, and has seat belts. There are 4 seats and room for coolers in the pack. They are especially fun to drive as they have a tight turning radius, high clearance, and an amazing amount of power!



We climbed this huge hill using four-wheel drive and the lower transmission case!

On the flat straightaway, our Razr went 60 miles an hour! It is amazing how fast you can cruise. The power was evident by how steep we could climb! We put the transmission in lower case and put it in 4-wheel drive and we climbed up an amazingly steep hill. The Razr just chewed it up like butter!



Melissa took a fantastic selfie photo with Charlene!


Melissa took a great photo of some excited people driving in the forest!

However, there is one key downside about renting a Razr for 8 hours: YOU GET UNBELIEVABLE FILTHY! I enjoyed getting each piece of dust on me, but after driving all day, typically behind the dust created by Matt and Melissa, you get filthy. We had such fun laughing at how dirty we became! I feel like I must be in middle school again. I cannot remember having so much fun getting so dirty!



Look at those dirty girls!


We got “dusted” and enjoyed every minute of it!


There is so much dirt coating our skin, it looks like we have changed skin color!


It was an adventure trying to wash off all the dust!