We Got to Meet with John!

Fort Worth-2

The Horned Frog mascot taught us how to make their Horned Frog symbol!

Fort Worth-1

The TCU campus is beautiful!

This weekend was absolutely wonderful! Charlene and I drove to Fort Worth, Texas and John met us there too. It was so incredibly fantastic to hug John and see the special sparkle in his eyes. It is truly special to spend time with your son!

Fort Worth-3

Fort Worth-4

We ate lunch and then walked through the campus on Texas Christian University. They have a beautiful campus. The Horned Frog mascot taught us how to make the Horned Frog symbol. It was fun to see the plaques about their recent success of their football program.

Fort Worth-5

Fort Worth-6

We next drove to the Fort Worth Water Gardens and enjoyed a leisurely time walking through the park. My favorite was the pool where watered flowed down from multiple directions. It must be quite popular in the heat of the summer!

Fort Worth-7

The Fort Worth Water Gardens are very beautiful!

Fort Worth-9

This pool had water flowing down the walls and was very peaceful.

Fort Worth-11

This was my favorite pool with the water flowing from all sides.