It is Great to Meet with Relatives While Traveling!

Ed Valerie Taylor

I loved being able to have dinner with Valerie and Taylor!

Today was very special as I was able to have dinner with my cousin Valerie and her daughter Taylor! Charlene was not feeling well, so she thought she should stay in the motorhome and rest. One of the especially nice things about traveling is being able to see friends and relatives around the country. Valerie has lived in Nashville for many, many years, yet until today, I was never able to see her in her own “hometown.”


Taylor is a junior in high school and she is beginning to look around at different universities. She will be going on a road trip this month to see a number of different campuses in Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia.


Willie Nelson

Many famous musicians have a strong, important presence in Nashville.

I really like Nashville. Next time we are in town, I would like to spend more time here so we can see more sites.