Battle of the Bands

Charlene & Ed pep rally

We really had fun being with the tuba players! They were really enjoying themselves.

We really had fun at the pep rally that was called the Battle of the Bands. After we found the location of the pep rally, we went to the side for the University of Arizona. It was fun to intermingle with the band members, twirlers, pomp-pomp girls, and cheerleaders. A master of ceremonies from the New Mexico Bowl set up a series of challenges for both schools. Mostly it was fun series of songs between both bands.

band 3

football sign

Charlene and I decided the tuba players had the most fun in the band, so we stood just behind the tuba players. I have never been so close to the Pride of Arizona. It is so much fun being in the midst of all the students on the band. Both groups of students were excited to celebrate their schools and have fun together.

Charlene & Ed

Afterwards we ate dinner at an independent Mexican restaurant and then went back to the hotel and people watched to see all the fans, coaches, and players. It is a very fun evening!