Keep Your Plans Flexible!

Electrical hookups were provided for RVs at the Flex Steel facilities.

Electrical hookups were provided for RVs at the Flex Steel facilities.

One thing I keep learning while RVing is that you need to keep your plans flexible. After the technician told me that they would probably finish the next day, I got out a map and started planning where to travel next. Since I am so close to Minnesota, I thought I would head north and check out the state. Since it is October and the weather is still nice, this seemed like a nice time to go. However, things changed quickly at 10:30 am. The Winnebago service advisor asked to see me and said that they coach was almost finished. I had asked to have a powerful internal surge protector added that morning after hearing stories of people damaging their electronics while staying in parks with poor electricity. He said they would be done within a couple of hours and that our recliner chair could be worked on at the Flex Steel factory in Dubuque. I said “where is Dubuque” and he said it was 4 hours away on the eastern side of Iowa. I had planned to spend the night again at Winnebago and enjoy another happy hour with the RV group and then head to Minnesota tomorrow. However, I was a good RVer and pivoted quickly.

Suddenly, I was looking at Google maps on my phone and planned a route east to Dubuque. This could be nice as Dubuque is right on the eastern edge of Iowa and borders both Illinois and Wisconsin. It might give me the opportunity to check out a couple of additional states.

While driving across Iowa, it was nice to enjoy all their rolling hills. Rather than a flat plane, the landscape was always shifting at different angles. One common theme was corn. There were fields and fields of corn. And more corn after that. And even more corn after that. I also passed a sign for the “Little Brown Church.” This is a famous church building in Iowa where many people are married. I have a friend in Tucson who was married in the Little Brown Church.

When I got to Flex Steel, I met the woman contacted by Winnebago. She confirmed that her company had made the chair and that it had started to wear out a bit too quickly. She said workers would come to the coach at 8:30 tomorrow morning to pick it up and they would start working on it to add more padding. Cool. She also told me that there was an area where they had electrical hookups for RVs. I joined another couple who had also just driven over from Winnebago. We laughed, because we had met each other at the barbeque restaurant the night before. It is quite fun to expand the network of RVers.