The Unexpected Sometimes Happens

After a stressful and confusing day, huckleberry ice cream was wonderful!

After a stressful and confusing day, huckleberry ice cream was wonderful!

I headed into Montana today. I was making good time in the motorhome winding my way through the mountain passes. However, as I crested one pass and was going downhill, suddenly everything on the dashboard of the motorhome froze and all the lights but ABS went out. I pulled over to stop, prayed like crazy, turned off the motorhome, restarted the motorhome, and everything remained unchanged. Unfortunately, I had no cell phone coverage. The motorhome started fine, I had great braking, the speedometer was frozen, but I could read my speed from the GPS, so I carefully limped down the hill. When I got to St. Regis, Montana I was able to call our roadside assistance service. The technician said it sounded like I had some type of low voltage problem and that I probably did not have brake lights or turn signals. They thought I should not drive the motorhome and that I needed to be towed to a Freightliner dealer in Missoula. I was given an appointment in two days for the dealer to check out the motorhome.

I waited for a while and suddenly a truck with two people showed up to remove the drivetrain to prepare the motorhome for towing. After a while the tow truck arrived and we started discussing the problem. They were diesel mechanics so that started checking the batteries, etc. They found that although the dash was out, that I actually did have brake lights and turn signals on the back of the motorhome. We also tested the motorhome generator and it operated fine. Basically, they thought there was some problem within the “brain” in the dash, but that the motorhome was ok to drive. The reconnected the drivetrain and I headed down the freeway to an RV park in Missoula while awaiting my appointment at the dealer.

While checking into the RV park, the host told me they would be serving free ice-cream at 7:00 pm. After my stressful day that sounded absolutely wonderful! Yogi was there and the kids loved seeing him. This is a great Rv park for kids as they have a swimming pool, water splash fountain, miniature golf course, game room, pool table, etc. While eating my ice cream, I enjoyed watching so many kids having fun and running everywhere.