Family and friendship bonds

Tom and Ed loved their time together!

Tom and Ed loved their time together!

It is wonderful to have the opportunity to meet with extended family, especially people that we have not had the opportunity to be with for many years. Nancy and Steve hosted us at a restaurant in Enumclaw when we first arrived and we absolutely loved the time to be with them! We were then able to share a meal with Tom and Adriana before Charlene went to Amarillo to visit Amy and Neil.

Ed went to Duvall and stayed with Tom and Adriana for 3 days. We talked and talked non-stop the whole time. Bonds built years ago while hiking in Zion or skiing in Utah are very strong. We had breakfast at a fun independent restaurant in Sultan and went on a drive all around the area. The growth of Microsoft has brought quite a few people to a series of neighboring towns. The visit was capped off by going to a pancake breakfast held at the Duvall Fire Department. Pancakes are a special treat and these were especially good.

Ed next headed up to Monroe and had dinner with Miles and Kathy and their family. Ed and Miles have been friends since elementary school and it was great to finally see their home. Miles gave a tour around the farm and showed Ed their RV bus they used for a tour around the US. Miles showed Ed the correct way to measure the temperature when cooking chicken and hamburgers. It was sad to leave to head back to our RV. Maybe we will meet again next summer in Massachusetts?