Klamath Falls, Oregon

Here's an excited Charlene across the spring.

Here’s an excited Charlene across the spring.

Today was a travel day and we drove from Reno, Nevada, through the north east quadrant of California and into Oregon. We were in several rain storms in California, but once we reached Oregon the sky cleared up and we had beautiful blue skies.

We found a place to boondock north of Klamath Falls. We love our site. There are only two other people in the small campground and we are away from them on the other side of the campground. The extra beautiful feature is that there is a natural spring flowing right next to our campsite. It is beautiful and peaceful. We have the coach positioned so that we see trees and bushes from all our windows.

This is the view of the fresh spring just a few yards from our motorhome. Beautiful!

This is the view of the fresh spring just a few yards from our motorhome. Beautiful!

Charlene loved watching all the animals. To her surprise, she saw an eagle fly past our campsite. It was so unexpected, it was hard to react before it was gone. She also saw red-winged blackbirds, white cranes, swallows, and other birds. She spied a small animal which we thought at first was a river otter, then we thought was a baby beaver but are now pretty sure was a prairie dog at the water’s edge.

While sitting outside by the water, Charlene got cold even though she was wearing jeans. She went inside and put on some sneakers and a sweatshirt. Even with those she was feeling a little chilly sitting in the shade of a nearby tree. (With no sunscreen, she didn’t want to sit in the sun.) It is amazing to think that Charlene was cold on Memorial Day weekend with long pants and a sweatshirt on!

At one stop today, Charlene was waiting for Ed to finish fueling the motorhome and she saw a whole display for the Oregon Ducks. After the initial shock wore off, she said to herself, “We’re not in Arizona any more, Toto!” It’s so weird to realize we are relatively close to Eugene.

Green  and gold! Where's the Arizona red and blue?

Green and gold! Where’s the Arizona red and blue?