Sound of Music movie!


Elizabeth, Charlene, and I loved seeing the actual gazebo that was used to film the Sound of Music!


The scene where Maria and the kids fell out of the canoe was filled here! What a beautiful area!

We were delighted to take the train from Munich, Germany to Salzburg, Austria and go on a tour with the Sound of Music movie was filmed.


This gorgeous site is where the bicycle ride was filmed!


The Nonnberg Convent on the hill was great to see in person!

It was amazing to remember a movie that had such a big impact on me growing up and see so many locations where it was filmed. Truly amazing! The famous gazebo was a key setting in the movie! The Nonnberg Convent on the hill was great to see from a distance. The mansion next to the water scene where everyone fell into the lake was beautiful! I also loved seeing the road with the trees where Maria’s bicycle ride was filmed. The Mondsee Basilica was where the wedding scene was filmed. However, I think the Mirabell Gardens and the Pegasus Fountain was my favorite. This was where the dance scene with Maria and the children singing the “Do Re Mi.”


The wedding scene was filmed in this church.