McDowell Mountain Regional Park!

This is a beautiful Maricopa County park that is fantastic for mountain biking, hiking, and riding horses!

I took our motorhome and headed to northeast Scottsdale to the McDowell Mountain Regional Park. It was only 90 minutes away from our house, but it was wonderful to enjoy the campground and ride my mountain bike on trails all around the area.

I love riding on trails on a beautiful day!

My first day I rode through the campground, went to the visitor center, and then rode one of the easier loops as suggested by the visitor center. The next day, I rode 15.3 mile Pemberton loop trail. This started with a long uphill route and then a mostly downhill rocky path back down to the visitor center.

At the top of the hill on the Pemberton trail is a fun place to rest and repair your bike, if needed.

I met several people on the trails. Mountain biking couples quite a bit older than myself, a photographer hiking that found deer on the trail and a couple of groups of ladies riding horses. I have learned to be extra cautious around horses on the trail. Mountain bikes can scare them and riders do not want you too close coming up behind the horses. Caution is especially warranted on narrow trails. So, I hung back on the trail to allow the horses time to find a place to get off the trail and allow me to pass.

The weather was in the 70s, so everyone was smiling and enjoying being outside on a sunny winter day in the desert.

The campground was quite spacious and each site had electricity and water. The quiet was wonderful!!

This is my second trip in the motorhome to mountain bike in a new location. I have really enjoyed this trip and need to plan another new location soon.