Arizona Spring Football Game!!

It was great having my photo taken in front of the famous “Zona Zoo!!” This is the student section on the west side of Arizona Stadium. This sign did not exist the last time I was at the stadium.

I had a wonderful time visiting Tucson to attend the University of Arizona spring football game! It was a beautiful day and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting an old friend Bill at the stadium. It has probably been at least a decade since I have been at Arizona stadium. It was filled with memories for me. While waiting for the game to start, I remembered major wins as well as heart-breaking losses while in that stadium. It was great to visit again!

It was fun to attend the spring game. The music was pounding loudly in the stadium!

Some of the cheerleaders were gracious and allowed me to take their picture. It was fun to see all the excitement and pageantry of college football!

Being inside Arizona Stadium again brought back so many special memories!!

It was fun to watch some of the new recruits as well as many of the established players. Coaches for the game were famous players when I had season tickets for UA football. Now, the football team hopefully will be able to win some games! They have only won one game in the past two seasons, so hopefully the team will improve their win-loss record. Is it too much to ask to have enough wins to go to a bowl game?? We will see.

After the game, I drove the motorhome to South Tucson and enjoyed some wonderful Mexican food!! I think Tucson has some of the best Mexican food anywhere in the nation!

After eating dinner, I drove to Catalina, Arizona for some boondocking camping. After getting organized, I opened the motorhome door and was greeted with a spectacular Tucson sunset! Truly beautiful!!

This was a wonderful day!! It was great to visit Tucson, I had a wonderful time at Arizona Stadium, I enjoyed seeing the football team, I enjoyed talking with my friend Bill, the Mexican food was fantastic, and the sunset was awesome. (Now, hopefully, we will win some football games!!)

I think it is important to be grateful for special times and to savor days like today!

Texas Football!

TX football-5

John and I had a wonderful time together!

I had a wonderful opportunity to visit John in Austin. We had a great time talking, going on a hike, eating barbecue, and attending a football game!

TX football-2

Hook ‘Em Horns!

I have always wanted to attend a University of Texas at Austin football game. For decades they have been one of the top teams in the country and they have a rich football tradition. Their football stadium is the ninth largest stadium in the world!

TX football-3

The crowd goes wild as the team runs onto the field!

It was especially fun to watch Texas play Kansas State. The two teams were evenly matched and Texas won the game in double overtime! John and I had a wonderful time being together!

TX football-4

We had great seats and it was fun watching Texas drive into the end-zone for a touchdown!

TX football-1

My whole life, I remember this huge drum on TV at half-time of Texas games. It is enormous! It was fun to finally see it in real life and how it takes 4 people to spin it around and another person to swing the massive drum stick.