Disneyland was beautifully decorated for Christmas!!

We had a wonderful time visiting Disneyland with the Griffins! We enjoyed visiting the fun rides from the past and we had a wonderful time making new memories!


Charlene and I really enjoyed the beauty and fun with Disneyland at Christmas!!


Matt, Ben, and I especially enjoyed the new Star Wars section!!

It was very nice seeing Disneyland decorated for Christmas!


It’s a Small World was especially beautiful!

A special highlight was to visit with John, Michelle, and David!


My facial expression was hilarious on Splash Mountain! Jake, Macy, Matt, Charlene, Barb, and Ben were having fun too!

The Splash Mountain was a very fun highlight!




It was wonderful to be with Charlene! We had a fantastic time being with our family in such a fun place!!


Melissa was well prepared and brought ponchos for everyone for the river ride in California Adventure! We rode it three times!!


Matt, Ben, and I wore snazzy glasses to better hit targets in a shooting ride! Matt is the champion and earned way more points than anyone else in our group and was one of the highest scores for the day!!

I had an absolutely fantastic time visiting Disneyland and California Adventure. It was wonderful because Charlene joined Matt and Melissa in Phoenix and they all drove together to Anaheim. John, Michelle, and David were able to join us our first evening together and the second day when we visited Disneyland! It was wonderful to have everyone all together at such a fun place!


What a wonderful group of family that loved being together!!


Ben and I had a great time riding the carousel together!!


The Soaring ride in California Adventure was beautiful and one of my favorite rides!! It was inspiring to see video of so many gorgeous places around the world!

It is difficult to summarize all the fun activities, laughter, and rides. I used my phone to take photos, so the quality was not as nice as my regular camera, but it allows for more spontaneous moments to capture fun images!


Ben and I had fun seeing all the fish caught in the nearby water!


Melissa laughed at me getting ready to be drowned in the river ride!!


The Disney parade was awesome!! I loved all the songs!

Since Disney now owns Star Wars, one of the highlights of the time was to meet Star Wars characters and have our photos taken with them. Darth Vader was very tall and absolutely as intimidating in person as I remember him in the movies. Chewbacca was wonderful to meet too!


One of the amazing highlights of our time in Disneyland was meeting Darth Vader! His voice is every bit as scary as I remember from the movies. Melissa had inside connections that enables us to meet him!!


It was amazing to meet fun loving Chewbacca!! He is huge!


I never expected to meet Star Wars characters! This was an unexpected discovery for Matt, Ben, and me!!

It was wonderful to be together with Charlene! I have been on this RV trip for about 6 weeks and it was great to be together. Although we talk on the phone daily, it is not the same as face to face communication. We had a wonderful time together. It was especially wonderful to have so many family members together in one place!