Fried Pickles, Boiled Crawfish, and Grilled Shrimp!


Charlene and I are trying our hands at boiled crawfish! It is quite a bit of work for a bite to eat.

We must be in the South! For dinner tonight we had fried pickles, boiled crawfish, and grilled shrimp! We have never order boiled crawfish before. Our servers had to give us a lesson on how to break the crawfish open to eat them. Honestly, boiled crawfish are a fair amount of work to get to eat one bite. They seem to be a good food for eating slowly! The people of Biloxi take their crawfish seriously! It is a very popular menu item and right now they are in season.

Children sign

The fried pickles were surprisingly good. A bit too salty, but I always enjoy eating pickles. It is fun to enjoy a local independent restaurant and eat the popular foods in the area!

local restaurant

It is also fun to go into local grocery stores. The unique foods so popular in nearby New Orleans are quite popular here in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Ole Miss hats

Ole Miss is the popular state university, although both LSU and Alabama are quite close too.

Local foods 3

Biloxi, Mississippi!

Biloxi 1

Our beautiful RV park was right next to a river. It was very picturesque and peaceful!

Today we made the two hour drive to Biloxi, Mississippi. It was a nice smooth ride through forests and open fields from Louisiana and into Mississippi. We had no problem finding our RV park and were pleased to discover we had a roomy back-in site.

Biloxi 2

The back of our RV park is right along a river. After we got the motorhome setup, we went driving around the community, cruised along the white sand beach, and found a restaurant for lunch. Charlene picked out a Mexican restaurant to try. The flavors were nice and I enjoyed a taco, small burrito, and tostada.


As we drove along the beach, you could tell that Hurricane Katrina destroyed many buildings along the beach. There were quite a few open lots. Some lots were for sale. Others lots had new buildings being erected. Tomorrow we would like to spend some time on the beach.