Texas Flowers


The bluebonnet flowers are so delicate and beautiful!


I enjoyed a drive in the Texas hill country and went on a drive from Austin to Marble Falls. I especially enjoyed the spring flowers! The bluebonnet flowers in Texas are quite famous and I loved taking photos of them in different locations. It is tricky to take flower photos on a windy day, but I still had a wonderful time!


These flowers are spectacular!




Texas Football!

TX football-5

John and I had a wonderful time together!

I had a wonderful opportunity to visit John in Austin. We had a great time talking, going on a hike, eating barbecue, and attending a football game!

TX football-2

Hook ‘Em Horns!

I have always wanted to attend a University of Texas at Austin football game. For decades they have been one of the top teams in the country and they have a rich football tradition. Their football stadium is the ninth largest stadium in the world!

TX football-3

The crowd goes wild as the team runs onto the field!

It was especially fun to watch Texas play Kansas State. The two teams were evenly matched and Texas won the game in double overtime! John and I had a wonderful time being together!

TX football-4

We had great seats and it was fun watching Texas drive into the end-zone for a touchdown!

TX football-1

My whole life, I remember this huge drum on TV at half-time of Texas games. It is enormous! It was fun to finally see it in real life and how it takes 4 people to spin it around and another person to swing the massive drum stick.

Hike in Austin


It was spectacular where the water flowed next to the trail!


There were beautiful spring flowers along the trail.


John and I went on a wonderful hike in Austin. It was a nature trail on the outskirts of the city. We hiked a total of 6 miles through a beautiful area. Someone went through quite a bit of effort to create steps through many sections of the trail. It was great exercise for my legs!


The trail was extremely well maintained and it provided excellent exercise!


We also enjoyed seeing some of the spring flowers and a pond at the end had quite a few turtles swimming around. I loved the section with running water next to the trail.


There were quite a few turtles swimming around in the pond at the end of the trail.


I also discovered a lizard when I was working on taking some photographs of flowers.


I liked seeing the scales on this lizard!


Breakfast Tacos in Austin!

Wow! These breakfast tacos were fantastic!

Wow! These breakfast tacos were fantastic!

After a wonderful bike ride where I saw 2 deer, I met John and Michelle at Tacodeli for breakfast tacos. Apparently, this is a very popular thing to do in Austin, Texas. The line was out the door when we arrived, but seemed to move fairly quickly. I do not think I have ever had breakfast tacos. These are not your standard tacos with beef and cheese, but an entire menu of different combinations of ingredients. Two tacos was a full meal and they were absolutely wonderful! Lots of yummy flavors to savor and enjoy.

Austin has been hot and humid (105 yesterday), but today there was rain at the motorhome in the morning, some cloud cover, and a nice breeze. The temperature is heating up, but it is much more comfortable compared to the previous few days. I have really enjoyed the opportunity to visit with John and Michelle!