Dawson Creek!!

I am very happy to start driving on the Alcan Highway!!

I made it to the first leg of the Great Alaskan Highway!! More commonly know as the Alcan (Alaska Canada) highway. This is mile 0 of the highway between Dawson Creek, British Columbia and Fairbanks, Alaska.

It is sort of odd because I have driven 2,884 miles since this trip began when I left Arizona, with a detour through part of California. Now that I reached mile 0 of the Alcan highway, I still have a long way to travel. Fairbanks is 1,523 miles away!! I am more than halfway to Alaska, but it is not “just around the corner.” Alaska is a long way away, but I have very much enjoyed the beauty traveling through Canada.

This was a very important road to be built around World War II.

This is a fun mile marker to finally reach!

Dawson Creek visitor center even gave me a certificate for reaching the beginning of the Alcan Highway!